Coverage Available:

All storage units rented since 3/13/2017 automatically include $2,000 replacement value coverage with your rental. Tenants who rented before then have the option to purchase protection, or any tenant may buy additional protection coverage:

Additional coverage can be purchased, but must be coordinated with Tenant Property Protection. Contact Affordable Mini Storage, LLC at 540-966-1295 and request your coverage amount, and we’ll work out the details with TPP for you.


Keep your unit locked.

While not required, it is wise to keep a few pictures of what you’re storing, and/or an itemized list. This will expedite matters if you ever need to make a claim.

Vehicles, mobile storage units off premises, and unlocked units are not eligible for the plan.

Your unit must be paid at all times for the protection to be active.

Read the entire Tenant Property Protection agreement here.

Got a question? Call Affordable Mini Storage, LLC at (540) 966 1295. We will be happy to answer your questions!