Most people rent storage units that are too large and as a result pay too much. Understandably, it’s hard to visualize how an entire household of furnishings could fit into a storage unit a fraction that size, but it’s possible. With some planning, storing hacks and this handy size guide, you can rent a storage unit that’ll fit your needs without paying extra for space you really don’t need.

Size Guide

5×5 (25 sq ft) – This is the size of a small walk-in closet, and is ideal for storing a twin mattress set, chair or dresser, sports equipment and extra boxes. Even a bike can fit in this unit. A 5×5 storage unit is ideal for storing seasonal items or decluttering your home.

5×10 (50 sq ft) – Perfect for a studio apartment, this unit can hold a bedroom set, sofa and extra boxes. Because it only has a 3ft wide door, you may need the next size up unit if you have a large, over-stuffed sofa or other wide items.

10×10 (100 sq ft) – About two-thirds the size of a 1 car garage, this unit is ideal for a two bedroom apartment or home. Featuring an 8ft wide door like other large units, you can easily fit over-sized sofas, appliances, entertainment center, king mattress set, riding mower, motorcycle and more.

10×15 (150 sq ft) – The size of a standard one-car garage, this is the most versatile size. Primarily used for a 3 bedroom apartment or 2 bedroom house, this unit will hold all your household items or a mid-size car/small SUV.

10×20 (200 sq ft) – Ideal for larger vehicle storage, or a 3 bedroom home. If you are trying to store a vehicle and household items, this unit would hold your vehicle and a bedroom or studio apartment furnishings.

10×25 (250 sq ft) – This unit is best for a 3-4 bedroom home. Visualize this space as about 2/3 the size of a 2 car garage that will easily hold your household items including appliances, boxes, dining room set, bedroom suites, entertainment center, sports equipment and other items.

10×30 (300 sq ft) – Depending on how furnished your home is, this unit is perfect for a 4-5 bedroom home. This unit is the size of a 2 car garage, and you’ll be able to utilize this space well for all your household items, shed storage items and more.

Why the bedroom size range for 10×25 and 10×30 storage units?

The variance here greatly depends on the total number of rooms in your home, how furnished your space is, and how well you’re able to utilize the space in your unit. If you have a well-furnished basement, storage in your basement, garage or extra out-buildings, go up one unit size or make sure you utilize your space well as outlined below.

Still not sure what size storage unit you need? Call our office at 540-966-1295 and tell us what you’re wanting to store – we’d be happy to help you select a unit to fit your needs.

Hacks to Utilize your Storage Space

  • Especially in larger storage units, pack the back wall first and then move towards the front of the unit along the sides, keeping a narrow walkway down the middle.
  • Always pack an area to the ceiling before placing more items on the floor. It’s harder to go back and stack items to the ceilling.
  • Place large furniture in the back first, with boxes on top.
  • Flip chairs upside down on top of each other, and place securely on the top layer of storage.
  • Place your sofa legs down (not standing on its side) so it won’t warp. If possible, place a loveseat upside down on the top. Add lightweight boxes, coffee table, bags of pillows or linens or other items so you don’t lose space. Be careful not to overload the sofa/loveseat springs with too much weight.
  • Storing loose items will not enable you to take the best advantage of your storage space. Use plastic bins (best) or uniform sized boxes for a secure stack.
  • UP! Most unit ceilings are 8-10 feet high, so put mattresses against the side walls with larger furniture butted up against them. Starting with heavier items on the bottom and lightweight boxes on the top, stack to the ceiling!
  • Don’t store clothing loose – put it in wardrobe boxes so you’re able to stack them. Plus, it keeps your clothes from getting wrinkled.
  • Pack linens and pillows in trash bags – they’re a perfect lightweight “top layer” in your storage space.

You know how to select your unit size and utilize the space well, but have you researched the storage facility, or considered what you should ask before renting?